Partnering for the Future

Fried Rice Hut is classified as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Speed of service and low price-points are the focus. Meals are more often than not taken out, although people can dine on-site, and delivery service may be provided. Fried Rice Hut is currently looking to expand through partnerships in different locations sites. Every partnership requirements are different from location to location due to the Demographics of Population, Real Estate, Household Income in the area etc. Inquiries for additional information on partnerships are available by emailing Comprehensive study of the market area of interest will be done before any partnership agreements.

Please be aware of the following:

Research has that over 1/3 of the Franchise are represented by the food industry. The industry as a whole brings in about $1.4 Trillion annually and employees roughly 1.4 million workers. (CED) Male dominated with a little over 80%, about a quarter of the Franchisee owns more than half of all the Franchise. A little more than quarter of the Franchisees owns three or more locations. The wisdom being that if your successful, repeat formula.

Top 18% Franchise in the US owners earn more than $200,000 per year. However the average annual income for franchise owner is about $120,000 annually. The lower 38% of smaller Franchises earn $50,000 or Less annually.

Food franchises will always remain one of the most popular sectors in franchising, profitability can be an issue because of the profit margins in which you have to operate. It’s highly recommended to find a compatible concept that’s proven, pay less in Franchise fees, spend Less to open and operate efficiency to maintain the profit margins on your proven menu in order to service your market for many years to come.