About Us

Who Are We?

The Fried Rice Hut is a small concept store put together by passionate Asian restaurateurs with restaurant backgrounds who had a vision on the Asian menu demand in the US. Asian Foods is one of the most popular and growing ethnic food group in the US. Fried Rice Hut is the model store that was opened to research and develop the most popular Asian fast food menu to be intergraded into a National Brand.

The President and the team leader Yuko Takatori, is a seasoned Cordon Bleu Graduate Chef who had set some extremely lofty goals in the framework of the new menu Fried Rice Hut was to develop. Her ideal goals were maintaining the integrity and focusing on the importance of giving Value to the customers by producing the highest quality product in minutes at an affordable price.

The main menu was tested and formulated and served for six months to local Tucson customers and visiting Food Bloggers. The first major Food Review by Tucson Foodie titled “ Fried Rice Hut cooks up eccentric Asian for under $9” the Fried Rice Hut sold out of all the hundreds of eggrolls, dumplings and Crab Ran Goons that had been produced for the week in a day. Our proposed final menu after extensive customer reviews is now Fresh, Original with Chinese, Japanese and Korean influence.

Fried Rice Hut sees an opportunity through a very steady easement into manufacturing and distribution of this proposed Asian menu that is now finalized. Central kitchens in each reginal zones will service all the local stores in its area. Details are available by request under “Partnering for the future. We are looking forward in developing a store in your area in the very near future.