Fried Rice Hut’s Original Fast Food

Asian Menu offers you fresh affordable Quick Food choices that can’t be beat!

Converted or parboil rice that we use is a special processed rice During harvesting stage while the rice is still in the hull it is soaked and steamed before being dried this process which allows nutrients to transfer from the hull into the grain then becomes less sticky and alters the nature of the starch.

Signature Rice:

Foods containing carbohydrates have a glycemic index rating that is used to compare the effects it has on your blood sugar levels. The higher the score 70 or above the more likely it is to cause your blood sugar to go up. Moderate glycemic index scoring foods have a rating of 55 to 69 while foods low on the starch have a rank of less than 55 lower the rating less impact food has on your blood sugar.

Glycemic Index by Harvard Study:
1. Parboiled Rice - 38
2. Brown Rice - 50
3. White Rice - 89

Fresh Produce:

Fried Rice Hut uses the freshest Produce available. Our goal is always providing quality vegetables for our customers.

Fried Rice:

Healthy converted rice is grilled with seasoned meats and tumbled with garden of fresh vegetables. Final blend of spices flashed together make our fried rice specials a full enriched flavoring making the Fried Rice Hut experience one of a kind.

Traditional Sides:

All Traditional sides are freshly produced in house, Customers who love eggrolls and dumplings will experience a unique blend of meat and vegetables seasoned to perfection, a Very popular item is the Crab Rangoon, which has unique blend unlike any other. The combination of a homemade Eggrolls, Dumplings and the Crab Rangoon dipped in our House Sauces make the experience only possible at the Fried Rice Hut.

Tempura Sides:

Special House Tempura batter on 8 pieces of our Chicken, Fish or Shrimp dips perfectly in Teriyaki, Sweat & Sour, Orange and Kung Pao sauces make the experience only possible at the Fried Rice Hut.

Protein Plus:

Fried Rice Hut offers the double portioned proteins of chicken, pork or beef with two additional choices of the popular Chicken Wings and Korean BBQ Beef.

Family Side Orders

Fried Rice Hut’s Family size orders are very popular for Family gatherings and small parties.